Introduction: Giant Cinema Fort

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This fort is plenty big enough for an entire family to sit in and watch some movies. This particular fort is high enough to stand in on the end with the TV, which is perfect for the Cinema Fort.

Step 1: Gather Structural Items

Use couches, chairs, tables, etc to support the roof of the fort.

Step 2: Location

To make the Cinema Fort you certainly have to have a TV with it. The best place would be around a TV which would also support the blankets.

Step 3: Position the Furniture

To make the fort tall enough to clear a view for a TV it's best to turn a couch or two on its end. (Be Careful And Make it Sturdy)

Step 4: Create a Webbing

To prevent sagging and the blankets from blocking the view Of the TV a webbing made from string is a must. Also it can make the tent able to be larger and still have a roof
The best way to make the webbing would be with masonry line, but fishing string or rope will do. To make the blankets stable and to prevent sagging it's best to start off the first length of string from a strong anchor Point; a couch or chair is perfect. The first couple lengths of string should Be spaced evenly and on the places where extra strength is needed. (The TV itself is perfect for one of these supports, especially if you have a flat screen with a heavy base and frame. It would also be perfect for preventing blockage of the TV.) After the majority of the area at which a roof is needed is covered, you should then use more String to attach from the anchored lengths to all other pieces of string. After this is done there should be no spaces where the blankets would sag or not be supported.

Step 5: Gather All Blankets

Not only is this the perfect fort for watching movies, it's also a perfect place to sleep in. In this fort it was built against some windows. By adding some fans it made a perfect sleeping whether Of 55 degrees. The cushions make perfect pillows.

Step 6: Create the Roof and Walls

Use the banks to block any light or holes that might be in the roof And Make a entrance.

Step 7: Bring Some Friends in and Watch Some Movies

This is the biggest tent/ fort I've ever Made and it easily fit 5 people in it. (perfect fort for sleeping and watching movies in)
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