Introduction: Giant Coronavirus Prop/costume

Scare your neighbors or non-socially-distanced friends with this giant virus! It's a prop you can display or wear.


Hoberman Sphere (Mega Sphere shown)

several lengths of lengths of PVC pipe (cut to length depending on sphere size). 3/4 inch PVC might be good enough for the regular-size (kid-size) sphere. I used 1 1/4 inch pipes for the Mega Sphere.

clear cling wrap

red cling wrap

clear packing tape (note: duct tape is shown but I switched that out later)

Step 1: Expand the Sphere to Full Size.

Be sure to lock the clasps on the inside.

Step 2: Create the Spikes.

Bunch up some red cling wrap and tape to each end of the spikes.

Step 3: Wrap It.

Wrap the sphere with the clear cling wrap. This will by far be the hardest part! Taping it in certain places as you go will help to keep it in place.

Step 4: Add Spikes.

Poke the spikes through at random, yet evenly spaced, spots. Tape in place to the sphere and/or the clear wrap.

Step 5: (Semi-) Finished Coronavirus.

I found I needed some more pipes to finish it off nicely, but I rearranged the ones I had put in. If the pipes are taped solidly, and properly placed, you can actually pick up the sphere and get inside it! It's lighter than you might think. Easy to see out of, but admittedly more of an outdoor costume. Also, you might want to construct it in your garage or outside as it might not fit through a door!

Step 6:

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