Introduction: Giant Flexago

I wrote a speech about origami for Speech and Debate club (NSDA) in informative speech. For my presentation board I made a giant Flex-ago to help demonstrate the use of Origami.

This is how I made it!


Very few supplies needed


  • pencil
  • rule
  • cutting knife


  • heavyweight poster board to the size you need if not as big as possible (I used 22in x 28in)

Step 1: Draw Out Template

I got an online template for a 3d flex-ago and sized it up quite a bit. Go base on big you want the triangles to be. Then uniformly size it up. When you get the overall width and height, start laying-out the poster-board. If you need more than one poster board for the size you want line up the poster-boards and tape the boards edge to edge, don't overlap the boards.

Once you have you poster-board(s) setup trace out the template on to the poster-board(s) then trim around the edges the final result should look similar to the pictures shown.

Step 2: Folding

To make it easier to fold I scored the folds with the back end of a butter knife but you don't have to do this.

Start folding on the lines. Use the ruler to help you create straight folds. Folds all the lines before trying to completely fold to the flex-ago.

The video (How to fold an Origami Moving Flexagon) attached should help you see how to fold it I would skip to 8:20 since you used a template.

Step 3: Tape & Glue the Ends

The template I used had a tabs so I just glued the tabs flat. I added white duct-tape to help hold it down. the duct-tape I also used to help toughen the conners.

Step 4: Learn How to Rotate It & HAVE FUN!

If your doing this really big like I did. You'll need to practice folding it a few times. See the very first video, Demonstration of Flexagon, to get an idea on how to hold it.

I added photos onto the Flexagon for my presentation. At this point feel free to customize it to what you want and enjoy your new Flexagon!