Introduction: Giant Grim Reaper

This year I made an 8-foot tall Grim Reaper. I built the Grim Reaper so large because I wanted to be able to go inside of it. On Halloween night, I hid inside and jumped out of the back to scare the trick-or-treaters.

 - lots of PVC pipe
 - plywood
 - chicken wire
 - black spray paint
 - brown spray paint
 - fabric
 - 2x4
 - gloves
 - skull
 - tape

Step 1: Frame

You will need to make 2x4 that can hold the PVC pipe by drilling a hold the size of your PVC.  Attach the 2x4's to your plywood base(you can make you base what ever size you want I used a 3.5x4ft base).   Build the body of your grim with the PVC pipe.

Step 2: Chicken Wire and Fabric

Attach chicken wire to the PVC in the shape of the Grim.  Once you have your shape time to add the fabric. 

Step 3: Final

Add all the little details.  I used bone gloves for hands I used hangers inside the gloves to form them to the shape I wanted.  I made a sickle using PVC and cardboard for the blade.  

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