Introduction: Giant Jenga

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I thought giant jenga would be a fun game to make. I turned this giant jenga into drinking jenga. This project is fairly easy to make. You only need a few tools to complete this project. People make these in many different giant sizes.

How I learned about wood working and got the idea

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

tape measure
table saw
finishing sander

Have the right tool makes all the difference

2 x 4's
2ft by 2ft flat board
carring bag

Step 2: Cut and Sand

These giant jengas can be made in all different sizes the size I choose to go with works good with being giant but also fits in a big duffle bag for transportation. These are to a ft long by three inches. I used a table saw to cut the pieces and a finishing sander to sand ever side of every piece so that they slide in and out good when playing.

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Step 3: Stack and Play

I used a flat board for a base to set the jenga on when you don't have a flat service to play on. This jenga set fits in a big duffle for transporting. Using a crate is also another good way to transport. Great as wedding, house warming, any type of gift.

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