Introduction: Giant Lanterns

One day my mother and sister were driving along Navigation Blvd and saw a restaurant throwing away these cardboard barrels (which is where they would store spices like cayenne pepper). My mother asked the workers if she could take the barrels and they replied "its trash do whatever you want with them".

Weeks later my family and I came up with an idea to create giant lanterns using these very same cardboard barrels (aka fiber drums). I hope you find this instructable useful and hopefully it inspires you to convert trash into treasures.

Thank you,

Bizber :)

Step 1: Get Cardboard Barrels or Fiber Drums

Like I stated before a restaurant was throwing away their cardboard barrels and we decided to collect them.

You might come across a food establishment throwing their cardboard barrels away or you could purchase them online (ebay) or find a container store that might sell them near you.

Step 2: Clean the Barrel

If your cardboard barrel is used I suggest cleaning it.

Things you need:

-Kitchen rag (an old t-shirt any piece of cloth will do)

-Sandpaper (No. 150 grit)

1. Get a (dry) kitchen rag or any piece of cloth and wipe the barrel inside and out.

2. Get sand paper and lightly sand the outside of the barrel.

3. Get a (wet) kitchen rag or cloth and wipe the barrel down both inside and out.

Step 3: Paint the Barrel

Things you need:

-Base paint of any color you like

-Chocolate Brown oil-based paint

-Paint brush


-Painter's Paper (or newspaper to cover the area you are going to paint)

After you are done cleaning your barrel you must:

1. Apply a base paint, the color of the base paint does not matter so if you have any paint lying around now is the perfect time to use it.

2. I suggest after painting the base paint, that let you it dry for about 24 hours.

3. After the 24 hours are up, apply the Brown oil based paint. Oil paint is very sticky and hard to get off of your hands so I recommend wearing gloves.

4. Let the barrel dry for another 24 hours.

Step 4: Draw Your Design

Things you need:


-Painter's Paper (or newspaper)

-Scissors (or x-acto knife)

-Masking Tape

While you are waiting for the barrel to dry find a design you would like on your barrel.

1. Draw the design you would like on a painter's paper (or newspaper)

2. Cut out the design

3. When the barrel is completely dry tape your cut out to the barrel

4. Then trace the cut out onto the barrel

Step 5: Get to Drilling

Things you need:

-Compact Drill

-4.8 mm drill bit

Once you are done with tracing your design:

1. Drill holes outlining your design and make sure the holes are not to close together (space them about half a pinkie apart)

Step 6: Fill in the Design

Things you need:

-Acrylic Black paint

-Artist paint brush

1. After drilling the holes paint your design (so that the image will standout more).

Step 7: Light It Up

Things you need:

-Lights (this could be christmas lights, leds, flashlights, flood lights...)

What we did was put a light under each barrel and presto you are done.

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