Introduction: Giant Led Fully Working + Remote Control !

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Lux fiat !

I am found of Led but there are so small !! I decided to create a giant one fully workable with 2 mode :

- one with the battery inside

- the second one with an external battery like a giant battery

Of course for a giant led, you need a giant led.

So follow the step and do it yourself :)

Step 1: Let's 3d Print the Body and the Inside

First thing first, you have to print the 2 parts of the led.

You have the body of the led and the inside that will be able to screw inside the body.

In the inside of the body, I have a 2 holes of 6mm as I added two metal bar for the 2 leads.

You can print the two part in 0.20mm with an infill of 17% and no support required :)

For the filament, I used phosphorescent PLA.

The print will last 6h55 minutes for the body and 4h25 minutes for the inside of the led.

Step 2: Let's Assemble the Lead

I found a matal bar of 6mm diameter so I cut it, in order to have two lead for the led.

I cut a longer one for the positive and the small one for the negative.

I used a saw to cut the metal bar.

Step 3: Let's Solder the Led

To light the giant led, I bought a cheap remote control 5 volts led bar so I can easily used an homemade powerbank to powered it.

I look at the circuit and I only reduce the lengh of the led bar wires and I made my own powerbank with a 18650 battery.

Then it is straight forward to solder the cable to the right place.

Step 4: Play With It !

I shared this quick video to see it is working :)

Do it yourself and give me your feedback !

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