Introduction: Giant Metal Animatronic Cyborg Hand of DOOM!

It is useful for taking over the world.

I thought of it after I saw this Simple Animatronics

Step 1: Materials

for this you will need;


bike chain
1/2 in pipe
nails, or thin metal dowel
duct tape
metal plate
thin steel cable


metal saw
drill press

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting

Measure the bones in your hand, don't forget the ones that go from the fingers to the wrist. Double all of your measurements.
Cut the pipe to the measured lengths. You should have 19.
Cut the ends 45 degrees, except for the fingertips and the wrist.

Step 3: Hinges

Use the drill press to remove the pins connecting every other link in the bicycle chain. You need 14 hinges.

Step 4: Cutting

Cut the nails or dowel into 28, 1 1/2 in segments. 14 will work, thats what I used, but 28 is better.

Step 5: Finger Welding

Weld the bicycle chain hinges onto the finger joints.
Weld the nails beside the joint to prevent the finger from bending backward. weld it onto the lower segment, not the top, because it looks cooler. if you have 24 weld it on both sides of the joint.
weld a nut at the end of each fingertip.

Step 6: Finger Alignment and More Welding

Cut the metal plate to be the palm from the pointer finger to the pinkie finger.
Position the fingers correctly on the palm and weld them there.
Cut the rest of the plate to be the palm from the thumb to the pointer finger.
Position the thumb on the plate and weld it there.
Weld the thumb palm to the finger palm. (if you think it will work, you could try welding a hinge in there so it could grasp better.)

Step 7: Arm

Weld a pipe onto the outside of the thumb and pinkie at the base.
Cut the pipes where they reach your bicep when your fingers are touching the wrist.
Make double sided duct tape arm straps (sticky on the inside)

Step 8: Rigging

Cut the cable into 5, 2 foot lengths.
Crimp one end on each of them.
String them through the fingers.
loop each around your corresponding finger when your arm is in the straps, and crimp it together.
Cut off the excess.

Step 9: Rig Springs

You need 14 moderately powerful small extension springs.
Hook each end of the spring onto the holes in the bike chain hinges.

Step 10: Take Over the World

Take over the world!
or play guitar hero.