Introduction: Giant Backlight Wall Sign!

This is a simple way to brighten up any room with an eye catching wall sign. The idea of this design can work with any logo or design and uses cheap and recycled parts that can be found easily.

The LEDs are low power and so produce very little heat this means that they are safe and with no soldering required depending on which type of LED tape used this project can be made by anyone!


Cardboard or a cereal box (at least 50cm X 40cm for the NASA logo)


A3 or A4 paper

Warm white LED strip:

DC 12V 2A power supply:

Glue ( in this tutorial I used a glue gun but all purpose glue like this one is fine aswell: )

Glue stick

Velcro tabs (other mounting methods will work fine as the project is very light)

Step 1: Choosing Your Design

For this project I choose the nasa logo but any other logo will work as long as there isn't any gaps between words or images etc. Other logos such as the Apple logo or Coca Cola logo would also work well with design, with a few alterations.

Step 2: Print Off Your Design

For this project I printed off the NASA logo in A3 over 3 pieces of A4 paper, cut them out and then arranged them in the correct layout before gluing them to the cardboard sheet.

Step 3: Stick the Image the Carboard

Take the piece of cardboard, making sure that it is strong and flat, and cover in glue with a glue stick. Then arrange the images/image on the cardboard, smooth out, and leave to dry.

Step 4: Trimming

Cut away the excess cardboard around the image attached to the cardboard.

Step 5: Led Mount

Next cut a 2cm by 50cm strip of cardboard (or whatever length is appropriate for your design) and stick it to the back of the image either using a glue gun or all purpose strong adhesive, making sure the carboard strip is on its side, has no hard edges and that there is a small gap between the ends to let any wire out.

Step 6: Attach the LED Strip

Attach a 50cm legth of LED strip (or however long your mounting strip is) to the mounting strip. The LED strip can be cut to size though you must make sure that you cut along the copper contact as shown in 5th photo. Push any excess wire through the small gap in the cardboard.

Step 7: Wiring the LED Strip

Connect your strip of LEDs to the power supply, any excess wire can be glued in the space in the centre of the project and then pushed out the gap in the mounting strip. If you need to solder power wire to the LED strip this can be done now.

Step 8: Mounting Strips

Cut two 2cm by 15cm strip of cardboard (or whichever legth/width is needed for your design) and using either a glue gun or all purpose strong adhesive, making sure that the bond is strong as these cardboard strips will be holding up the design.

Step 9: Wall Mounting

Attach the velcro tabs of any other mounting mechanism of your choice to the back of the cardboard strips and then attach your design to the wall or surface of your choice.

Step 10: Finished!

Sit back and admire your work!

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