Introduction: Giant Objective Risk Boardgame

Instructions – Giant Risk (Epic) video link:
Design game board in Photoshop (see diagram 1)
• Build vector continents and elements by creating shapes from original map content in smaller images available via google images
• Software – Adobe Photoshop
• DPI setting for canvas – 150dpi
• Size of canvas – 48x96
• Convert fonts / text to shapes for proper printing (not all printers have the fonts)
• Save the .PSD file
• Have .PSD file printed on a large plotter that has a paper role great than 50”
• Once you have plotted map, trim away white paper border

Mount game map to board
• Buy a 4x8 sheet from Home Depot and have it cut in half
     o I used a 4x8 pine sheet and it warped a bit – so get something sturdy
• Purchase small screws and hinges (I used 4x smaller hinges and screws that were thinner than the wood so they didn’t poke through
• Attach both pieces of wood with hinges and screws
• Spray paint the edge of the large wood game board with black spray paint  (this is to give the board a somewhat professional look by hiding the original wood)
• Let dry
• Cut image in half based on the measurements of the 2 halves of wood (sometimes they aren’t perfectly accurate cuts)
• Mount image to board (see diagram 2)
     o Before mounting with adhesive spray the large map image with a protective coating of adhesive spray (I used: Mod Podge      clear acrylic sealer)
     o Let dry
     o This step will protect the ink from running on the image
• Glue image halves to the wood (I used: Mod Podge)
• Let dry
• Once the image is mounted on the wood add a layer of the same adhesive to the top of the map
• Let dry
• Use utility knife to cut away any excess map (hanging over edge of wood)
• Spray the mounted image with polyurethane to get rid of tackiness and protect the image with a thicker coating  (I used: Polyurethane)
• Let dry
• Scuff the surface lightly with sand paper
• Spray with polyurethane again
• Let dry
• I also went around the edge of the board with Mod Podge glue to give it a final seal

Build objective risk cities
• Obtain a used copy of the monopoly cities board game (or buy a new one)
• Obtain 15 plastic or clay poker chips (I found clay poker chips at dollarama – 100x for $3)
• Join pieces of monopoly cities together into small groups to resemble cities
• Once happy with grouping, glue the city configurations to the poker chips
• Let dry
• Spray paint metallic silver (I used: Metallic Silver Spray Paint)
• Let dry

Build the troops and tanks
Obtain troops
     o Order ~200x 2” plastic army men (I used: 2x 100 Army Men)
           These aren’t the best quality and they get the job done
     o Order ~40x 3” tanks (I used: 2x 16 Army Tanks)
     o Buy ~300 poker chips (again, got my clay chips from dollarama for $3 for a box of 100 pieces)
• Using a glue gun, glue all soldiers to poker chips
• Leave tanks as they are
Have an addition ~15 poker chips per army (these will later be used to represent extra troops on the board by stacking them under soldiers)
     o Solders represent 1 army
     o Tanks represent 3 armies
     o Extra chips under a solider represent 1 army each
Separate the armies (5 armies – objective risk only has 5 armies)
     o ~30 soldiers mounted on poker chips
     o 6 tanks
     o 15 extra poker chips
Using spray paint, spray the armies your desired colors (I chose: red, blue, green, white and grey)
     o Do 2-3 light coats (I used a thick coat to start and it made it more difficult)
           (I used: Spray Paint in the previously mentioned colors)
           Also… better to do this in the summer (I was in -25 degree weather)
• Let dry between coats
• Let dry

Build the capitals
• Rather than build some buildings to represent the capitals I decided to make generals out of the existing troops ***
• Take 1 troop from each army
• Paint metallic gold (I used a nice old oil based gold metallic paint – you can get any gold metallic paint from Walmart or craft store)
• Retouch paint on base if damaged
• Let dry

Build war sticks (or whatever you want to call them)
• Buy dowel rods and cheap wood trim from Home Depot
• Buy small screws
• Cut the wood trim into 4” pieces
• Cut the 48” dowel rods in half (24” rods)
• Pre-drill holes in ‘scoop’ portion (important)
• Screw ‘scoop’ to dowel rod piece
• Attach adhesive felt piece to bottom of war stick
• Done

Note that some might want the war stick ends facing the other way – this is possible and I broke many before deciding to flip it around.  It still works this way as well.

Get some extras for some added fun
• I purchased 3x packs of 1” dice
      o 3x so that I would have sets of 3 matching colors
• Order some actual aircraft to represent objective risk airfields

Play the game!

Fully enjoyed with friends, beer and booze!