Introduction: Giant Skeleton Minifig (10X Scale!)

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The classic LEGO skeleton was always my favorite character when I was a kid.

When I moved into my first apartment with my wife we found one on the floor, missing a leg, so he was placed on the highest shelf in the kitchen, then when we moved to our first house he was brought along, but lost an arm along the way, so I figured I'd better measure him up before while he had at least one of every limb.

The default scale of my print is a massive 10:1 but it has been successfully printed at half that scale (and smaller) too.

Tools Needed

  • 3D Printer
  • Spanner/pliers (to to match the nut on threaded rod)
  • Scalpel/Knife to clean up prints

Material Needed

  • Threaded rod
    • 265-272mm long depending on bending etc.
    • 4mm or less in diameter (M3 is ideal)
    • 2 nuts
    • 2 washers
  • Filament
    • White PETG is my preference but anything will do (please someone make a glow in the dark one!)
    • With 6 vertical walls and 10% infill (on the large pieces) I used about 1.15kg, going down to 4 walls should bring it under a kilo.
  • Glue (I used superglue for my PETG)

Files Needed

Step 1: Printing

  • All of the parts except the head can be printed without supports (see attached images for orientation)
  • There are two options for the head, one with the face as a recess which can be painted, the other is blank and you can print the supplied stencil to spray-paint it as in my video.
  • Since the parts are almost all cylindrical you can still get a very nice finish at layer height as big as 0.2mm

Step 2: Assemble

See the video for a full assembly guide

  • Sections of arms are joined with glue
  • Sections of legs are joined with glue
  • Shoulder pins are inserted with glue
  • U-shaped threaded rod holds the whole torso and spine together
    • provides extra strength
    • aligns the vertebrae segments
  • Neck is glued on to hide bolts

Step 3: Share


Please do share comments and pictures of your make at MyMiniFactory, I really appreciate it


I have an Ossum Facebook page where I post my latest projects and a Facebook Group which is a great community of makers who have built and modified my projects.

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