Introduction: Giant Wooden Dog Tag

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My Niece is getting Married soon, and I wanted to make her a gift. I came up with a Giant Wooden Dog Tag, since her future husband was in the Navy. I wanted to include the US Navy Seal, a Heart and Submarine.

I thought this would be the perfect gift, at least I know nobody else would think of such.

Step 1: Parts Needed

You will need:

CNC Router ( I have the X-Carve)

Cam/Cad Program ( I am using Aspire)

Hardwood ( I am using Maple)

Minwax Gunstock finish

Minwax Clear Gloss Finish

220 Grit Sandpaper

Very Fine Steel Wool

A couple of clean rags

Tack cloth

Step 2: Design

First I found a couple of pictures, one of a Sub and the Navy Seal. Open up Aspire and imported them and traced them.

Then I drew the shaped of the Dog tag, inserted the vectors from the pictures. Added there names and a hole.

Step 3: Modeling

Next I clicked on the 3D modeling tab. From here I made 3D shapes of those vectors, until I was satisified.

I am no expert at this, It took awhile until I got it right.

Step 4: Toolpaths

Now I made a 3D Roughing Profile and a 3D Finishing Profile.

With Aspire it will let you preview the carving, which is very helpful.

Step 5: Rough Carving

I loaded the piece of Soft Maple into the CNC Router, fasten it down. Inserted a 1/4" Endmill to do the Roughing cutout.

Note I went against the grain in this cut, I would recommend going with the grain.

Step 6: 3d Finishing

I then change to 1/8" Ballnose bit, done some finishing with it, didn't like the look of it.

Made another pass with a Tapered .031 Ballnose bit, but this time I went with the grain of the wood. Much better finish.

Note I probably could have used the 1/8" Ballnose, going with the grain, but I choose to try the Tapered .031 Ballnose bit, too give me a little more detail and maybe less sanding.

Step 7: Sanding

I went over the entire project with 220 grit sandpaper and then went over with some very fine Steel wool, where the sandpaper couldn't get to.

Step 8: Staining

Now make sure to wiped the project real good with the Tack cloth, to get rid of any sawdust.

I put a good coat of Minwax Gunstock Finish on it, let it set for a several minutes, then wipe off the excess.

Now let this dry overnight.

Note you could put more than one coat of finish on it, that would give you a darker color.

Step 9: Finished Project

After letting the stain dry overnight, I sprayed a Clear Gloss Sealer on it.

Let that dry and you have a unique gift, guaranteed that nobody else has.

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Thanks for reading my Instructable, hope this has encourage someone to think outside the box, we are only limited by our imagination.

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