Giant Match Chair (La Pucelle) by Samuel Bernier




Introduction: Giant Match Chair (La Pucelle) by Samuel Bernier

I like objects that are fun to look at. Objects that tell a story. I made this chair to show how a simple chair can generate discussions and imagination.

Step 1: The Name.

Since I was in France while doing this project, I tought of naming the chair after one of the most important female european hero of all times : Jeanne d'Arc. It was a little bit to obvious so I used her nick name : La pucelle.

Since this brave woman died while burned alive... my teachers didn't like the joke much. (It was also accidently the same week where people were burning themselves in Tunisia to protest against their government)

Step 2: The Frame

I wont bring much details on how I made the frame because.. it isn't very impressive.
I roughly cut the parts in 1 1/2'' x 1 1/2'' pine wood and glued everything together with white glue and clamps. 
I did use some screws in some week places. 

Step 3: FIRE!

Now, the fun part! Fire a blow torch and burn one or many legs of the chair. Make it so it seems that the flames are almost touching the seat. Don't burn too much or you'll weaken the frame too much.

Step 4: Match Tips

It's easter soon, so you won't have difficulty finding some styrofoam eggs in the closest craft store. They are what I used for the legs tips.
Paint them red and black (depending of how many legs you burned). Make a hole in the middle so you can insert them tightly on the chair's legs. The acetone in the spray paint will make the foam melt a little bit and give it a nice texture, similar to the one matches have. 

I hope you enjoyed this design!


Samuel Bernier

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    10 years ago on Step 4

    Yes I did enjoy this design! Made me laugh but I also see the beauty of it on so many levels.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is a really neat idea. I might make one sometime. I actually think it would look really cool to have a matchbook-like back. One could make it out of coroplast or something.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    you are a truly inventive designer !!!…

    I mean it : congratulations ! … 

    However, you may already know that "pucelle" means "virgin"… and in French it has a somewhat ribald connotation to it : no wonder your professors didn't like the name.
    (Myself I feel you made a bit of a blunder).

    Anyway, I really like your work.