Introduction: Giants Jingle Bell

Each year I add a Giant ornament on my balcony. This year it's a Giant Little Bell


You will need 2 Big "bowl", the more spherical you can find. Some cardboard, wire and foam craft, masking tape, gold paint can. I used electric polystyrene cutter, dremel, sander, bolt cutter, hot glue gun.

Step 1: Round It

My bowls have a "foot" I will have to remove. I used the polystyrene cutter, then the dremel and finally the sander to mâle only one bowl, which will be the bottom.

Step 2: The Slot

Table a length of large tape and paste it on the bottom now rounded bowl.this will mark the width of the slot. My bowls are 100 cm of périphery. I mesures 6cm from the edge to mark the end of slot. A small lid of approximatively 9cm help me to trace the round end. I repeat it on both side. Then I cut along the lines with dremel, polystyrene cutter, then small sander to break the angles.

Step 3: Handle

On the other bowl, which will become the top, pierce 2 holes on opposite end inside the "foot". Cut a length of wire and insert it from the outside. Inside the bowl , twist the ends to close the loop.

Step 4: Assemble

To assemble the 2 bowl, I used some carboard strip and hot glue. I glued the strip all the way inside the edge of one bowl. I did it on the bottom, but I thing it would be more easy on the top first. Then you assemble the 2 half, and presse on the bowl where the strip is already glued, to mâle a Space and insert the top of thé glue gun. You can pass the hand trough the slot to mâle the band stick to the 2nd bowl.

Step 5: Finish

I added a small strip (2cm) of foam along the gluing line with hot glue. Then all that is left is to paint with gold can.

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