Introduction: Gift Box 3

Lets make origami box as it improve Problem Solving

Often in assignments, there is one set answer and one way to get there. Origami provides children an opportunity to solve something that isn't prescribed and gives them a chance to make friends with failure (i.e. trial and error). In your class, show a shape and ask students to come up with a way to make it. They may get the solution from various approaches. Remember, there is no wrong answer.

And also you can use it for many purposes as for gifting purpose.

Step 1: Material Required

:Material required to make origami box is as followed:-

1)8 Paper of square size.

Step 2:

1)Take a paper and fold it into half.

Step 3:

1)Now again fold the paper into one-fourth part.

2)Further fold the two edges of the paper such that the corner point of the paper touches the fold made in step (1)

Step 4:

1)Now from the upper end fold the paper as shown in above picture.

2)Then fold the bottom part.

3)Then fold the pointed part to the opposite side of the paper as shown in the above picture.

Step 5:

1)Fold the paper as shown in figure and you will get something like above picture.

Step 6:

1)Repeat the steps and make more 7 crafts like this.

Step 7:

1)Take four of them to create upper part of the box.

Step 8:

1)Follow the given steps in the above pictures.

Step 9:

1)Do the same as done in step (8) to add third craft.

Step 10:

1)Do step(8) again for fourth craft.

Step 11:

Repeat the procedure again and it will become your bottom part.

Step 12:

...........and your gift box is ready.

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