Introduction: Gift Box With Lid

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It is a creative gift box with paper and some normally available design tools.

Step 1: Bottom of the Box: Step One

Fold the square sheet such that there are sixteen boxes

Step 2: Bottom of the Box: Step Two

Fold the top corner two boxes among the sixteen boxes of the paper.
Fold towards the inside.
Turn the paper, so that twelve boxes are visible.
Fold the corner edge towards the edge of sixth and seventh box.
Do the same for the other side.
Fold the bottom corner towards the middle.
Repeat it for the other side also.

Step 3: Bottom of the Box: Step Three

Bring the bottom two corners to their original position
Fold the ninth and thirteenth box towards the inside.
Now fold the ninth box into half such that the fourteenth box becomes folded into half and assumes a sharp edge so that it looks like the 4.
Now repeat the steps for the twelfth and sixteenth box, finally looks like 7.
Insert the edge of sixteenth into the pocket like opening below.
Do the same for the thirteenth box 10.
Expand as shown in the figure 13.

Bottom of the box is finished.

Step 4: Lid of the Box : Step One

Repeat the sixteen folds.
And do the same as in 7 and 8.

Step 5: Lid of the Box: Step Two

Fold the two corner boxes of the sixteen boxes.
Fold the entire bottom row into half.
Fold the left column to the centre.
Fold the right column to the centre.
Fold the fifth and eighth box into half like 5.
and then fold the top row towards the centre.
Fold the ninth box into half and fold the twelfth box into half.

Finally the lid of the box appears as shown in 8

Step 6: Combining Bottom and the Lid.

Finally we did it !!!
A beautiful present box for your loved ones .

Step 7:

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