Gift Boxes Made Out of Recycled Plastic Bottles




Introduction: Gift Boxes Made Out of Recycled Plastic Bottles

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If you want to make a small box out of recycled material, this one will a perfect one.

It's made out of recycled plastic bottles. It will be perfect for small gifts or sweets

Step 1: Step by Step, Before and After of Recycled Plastic Bottles

Step 2: We Will Need Plastic Bottles

We will use cylindrical plastic bottles

Surface must have no folds

Step 3: Template - Pattern

We will cut the plastic bottle as you can see in the template

Step 4: Folding the Plastic

We will fold the plastic as you can see in the images

Step 5: The Gift Box Is Almost Finished

We just need to put our sweets or gift inside our box

Step 6: Before and After of the Plastic Bottles

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    4 years ago

    Wow those are pretty boxes! I think a ribbon would make it look even fancier, nice idea:)


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks! You're right, the ribbon is a great idea