Introduction: Gift Giving Mandalorian Decal

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On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me - a car decal of a gift giving Mandalorian!

After not getting enough with the Baby Yoda ornament, I wanted to make another project inspired by The Mandalorian, and came up with a decal for my car to show off some Star Wars love and be festive at the same time.

Here's how I put this project together


Supplies I used: (with affiliate links)

Vinyl -

Transfer paper -

Tools I used:

Inkscape -

Brother plotter -

Weeding hook -

Squeegee -

Step 1: Trace the Image

I started by taking a screen shot from the iconic moment that unleashed Baby Yoda onto the world. I copied the image into Inkscape and used the pen tool to trace out the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda's pod. Switching to the adjust tool I adjusted and curved the lines to match the picture.

Still using the adjust tool, I altered the Mandalorian's outstretched hand to make it look like he was holding something. I went onto the internet and found a generic picture of a Christmas present and copied it into Inkscape. Using the 'trace bitmap' functioned I created a bitmap, cleaned it up and scaled it to size.

Step 2: Cutting the Decal

I exported the drawing I made and brought it into my plotter software. Scaling the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda pod to 5" tall, I first cut the two figures out of white vinyl.

Step 3: Cutting the Presents

Wanting some contrast between the Mandalorian and the present, I decided to cut the present out of red vinyl. I cut out 3 different sizes to play around with and see which size would look best once everything was cut out.

Step 4: Picking a Present

I took some transfer paper and stuck it to the white vinyl cutouts. I pulled the back off, then hovered the cutouts over the different sized presents. I ended up choosing the middle present, so removed the other two presents then aligned the Mandalorians hand to the proper placement over the present and stuck it to the transfer paper.

Step 5: Putting on the Decal

I cleaned the part of my window where I wanted to place the decal. I carefully placed the decal and transfer paper on the window, trying not to get any bubbles due to the curvature of the window. After squeegeeing the decal down, I removed the transfer paper.

Step 6: Drive in Festive Mandalorian Style

Now that the decal is on, I can drive my car around in festive Mandalorian style!