Introduction: Gillette Mini Vibrating Motor

Tired of wasting money on expensive razors ? buy a cheaper one and make use of that old gillette vibrating razor.
with this you gain an all in one AAA battery case and switch a mini vibrating motor and cheaper shaving

Step 1: To Begin

ok best thing to do is remove the battery cover and take out the battey (it gets annoying when it fires up and starts jiggling about while you're trying to work)

Step 2: Start Cutting

Battery cover is back on making it easier to hold
From left to right make your first cut at approximately the 1st on the left cut here line and unless you have a use for the old blade and fitting discard it
The big red arrow points to where the goodies are hiding it also shows the approximate location of the joint between the two parts of the casing.gently ease the to parts away from each other you may also need to cut through the case (using your favourite tool of choice) to reveal the motor housing
At this point you have choices mine was to cut through on the second cut line to gain access to the motor wires but you could cut through along the handles length the choice is yours

Step 3: 1st Useful Bit

After carefully removing the motor cables you've got a AAA battery box with built in switch

Step 4: Switch and Terminals

fairly obvious but heres the switch and power terminals
use with this motor or anything else you want

Step 5: The Goodies

After removing the outer case and inner motor tube you get to the bit you want a miniature vibrating motor and its cables

Step 6: Dimensions of the Motor

Just so you can see what you are getting the motor is approx 6mm in diameter and 18mm long
I've seen all sorts of projects ranging from robots to pens that may benefit from this little motor
enjoy and let me know how you get on