Gimmicky MJ-USB Flash Drive

Introduction: Gimmicky MJ-USB Flash Drive

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First of all, I am quite annoyed with myself that I got so deep into this project that I actually forgot to take photos of each step. I will try to explain each step in as much detail as I possibly can, and maybe add a couple of related pics that I found on the internet.

This is the only actual pic I took of this project.

This is also not MY original idea... Thanks to the others out there for inspiring me to make stuff!

Step 1: Free Stuff in the Mail Is Always a Bonus!

Recently I got a USB Flash drive in the mail from a company that thought the best way to get their information out to the public was to give them this wonderful little marketing do-dad!

I immediately deleted all the information on the flash drive by re-formatting it!

My thanks goes out to ***** *** *********** for supplying me with the flash drive for this new instructable!

Step 2: Strip It!

Take your newly acquired blank flash drive and carefully remove the housing so as not to destroy any of the inside magical stuff that makes it work.

You're gonna need that inside stuff

Step 3: Retro Supplies

Next you need to go and grab yourself a Cassette Tape

NOTE: For all the kids out there, a cassette was the fancy music holder thing that came before those round shiny discs and those crazy mp3-pod-music-player-boxes that you all have now!... They were plastic and filled with a brown coloured "tape" that had the music "glued" to it with pixie dust.

I found a copy of Michael Jackson's BAD, which gave me an idea of what I would ultimately use this project for.

Step 4: The Tuff Stuff

Your cassette tape should have some very small screws in each corner (and probably one in the middle)... you need to unscrew these screws in order to dismantle the cassette.

Be careful.

Once opened, remove all of the "brown tape stuff" and save it for another future instructable, or go and string it in your grumpy next door neighbours tree. (you didn't hear that from me, and I will deny everything!)

Measure up your "naked" USB drive and then carefully start to remove any of the interior plastic of the cassette tape that will prevent the naked USB drive from fitting snugly into it's new clothes!

I used my handy Dremel to remove the offending plastic cassette pieces and then grabbed my glue gun and securely mounted the USB drive snugly into the cassette tape making sure that the cassette fits back together properly and tightly.

Don't forget to then screw it all back together.

Step 5: Greatest Hits!

I think that's about it...

Oh yeah... because I used a Michael Jackson Cassette Tape, I ended loading all of MJ's hits onto this little project in order to make it even more gimmicky!

Way way more than 5 or 6 songs on each side. I even added some remixes!

ha haaaa "on each side"  that just made me laff a bit.

As an added bonus, the LED light on the USB flash drive shines red light through the cassette window... Funky!

... and I did actually take this picture (with my phone)

Thanks everyone!

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    9 years ago on Step 5

    hook up the led light to a motor for PURE EPICNESS


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    hahah that made me laugh, but this post made me think of myself, i made a usb drive that i've never seen anywhere (but im sure people have done it) and wanted to make an instructable on it but i only took a finished product pic! =[