Gimp Tricks

Introduction: Gimp Tricks

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A collection of a few other gimp tricks I plan to add to. Gimp is a
drawing program that is available for most of the major platforms. It is also so far free as in speech.

Note: Some pictures removed under pressure from Instructables staff.

Step 1: Too Bright?

Go to colors > Brightness/contrast.
Turn down the brightness.

Turn up the contrast.

The picture should look better now.

Save the picture.

Step 2: How They Make People Look Better Than They Are.

The profile pose is the easiest to manipulate.other poses are a bit
harder to do, but can be easily done with practice You can can also go the other direction and make someone a bit more skinny also by using the shrink feature under the filters > distorts > iwarp..

Middle pictures I shrunk down the stomach

Last pictures I shrunk down the chest to more realistic proportions.

Step 3: Warp Expansion.

User had a really nice picture of a pillow case that had been used to
make a blouse, I used the iwarp feature to expand the picture to show another possible use for the blouse/shirt.

Step 4: Another Trick.

You want to stretch the height of cabinets to see what it might look like. When you do it warps the picture. No problem.

Go to distorts > warp and make the changes (you will have a new window) I did a stretch with a move option. Finally say ok. when warp is done. back at the original picture.

Now get your lasso tool and carefully surround the area you warped. the better job you do means less clean up. (the first time may not be perfect),

Now take the lassoed area and right-click and say edit > copy.

Now take the lassoed area and right-click and say edit > paste.

Then click on the picture somewhere and the lasso goes away.

Now go to edit > undo list and go back to the step before the warp.

click on it so the picture reverts back to that step.

Right-click and say edit > paste.

Move the insert to where you want it,

Click on the picture somewhere the paste is finnished.

You may have to do some cleanup work, but your done.

Save a new copy of the picture. If you have a lot of warps to do then save often so that you do not have to start over of you should make a mistake.

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