Introduction: Giraffe Table

Fun animal table witch looks a lot more expensive and complicated than it really is.
You don't need very experienced woodworking qualities. If you can handle an electric jig saw you can do this!
Looks great in an ethnic styled room, an Africa theme or  a child's room with jungle theme. 
And I an sure many of you will be inspired to do variations with other animals, although the wide-legged posture of a drinking giraffe is very inspiring.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

MDF board 15 mm approx 122x110 cm
MDF board 3 mm 12x36 cm
12 wood screws 35 mm
4 wood screws 25 mm
8 small nails 20 mm

pencil and rule
electric jig saw
(electric) screwdriver
(electric) drill 2 mm (pre-drill screw holes)
speeddrill approx 16 mm
small plane tool
file and/or grater
transparent wood stain (pickle); I used dark oak
masking tape

Step 2: Body Shape

Enlarge the drawing. Squares measure 10 x 10 cm. All measurements in centimeter
Body : 2 times
Front leg: 2 times
Rest of the pieces 1 time
Draw all pieces on 15 mm MDF board except the neck. The neck-piece should be 3 mm thick.( MDF or plywood)

Cut all the parts out with an electric jig saw. It is advisable to wait with the "connect piece", as the measurements can later be adapted to the work. Sand the edges.
It is advised to drill the eyes with a speeddrill at this stage. Only drill a few mm deep.
The top side of the tail piece ( 16 cm) should be planed at a 45 degrees angle. This is the only piece that has to be planed at an angle.

Attach the legs to the side of the bodyparts. I used 2 screws an woodglue.  Don't forget to drill a hole first otherwise the MDF will split. Make sure the body parts stand upright on the floor at a 90 degrees angle.
Put these two halves upright and tape the heads together with some ( masking) tape.
Insert the tail piece at the other side inbetween the body parts and attach with screws.

Step 3: Prepare Last Parts

The neck part is attached with glue and 4 small nails on either side. May be the edges have to be grated/ sanded to fit the sides of the body exactly. 

Turn the result upside down and now draw a fitting "connect"piece on a piece of 15 mm MDF.
Attach the connect part in the middle on the underside of the tabletop. Use the 4 smaller (25mm) screws.
If measured correctly this piece should fit neatly in the opening at the top of the giraffe body.
Now it becomes clear why the tail-part had to be planed under an angle

Step 4: Connect Tabletop to Animal

Lay the tabetop upside down on the floor. Place the animal upside down over the "connect piece". Connect with 4 screws from the side of the animal oblique into connect piece and tabletop.

Step 5: Masking and Painting Painting

Cut small 5 cm pieces of masking tape. Divide them in two non equal oblique parts. Arrange them on the body of the giraffe making squares, triangles and pentagons. Leave nose, ears and lower legs free from masking.

Draw a rim on the tabletop. Fill the rim with a mosaic of smaller pieces of masking tape. Use triangles, tetragon and pentagon. Leave open rims between the pieces.

Cover everything with two layers of transparent wood-stain (Pickle) in a dark wood tone. I used dark oak. If satisfied with the color remove all the masking tape. After thoroughly drying cover everything with a clear varnish mainly to protect the non colored spots on the tabletop. Otherwise they will absorb moisture. 

Good luck with making your own giraffe table!

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