Introduction: Give One Homeless Person One Care Package Today

Discover the rewarding feeling of giving a care package to a Homeless Person and discover it today. Formerly Homeless Person, Jacob Folger simplifies care package giving and explains it in this video. Learn more at - Hi, I am Jacob and I chose Homelessness over a volatile home when I was a child. My parents never came looking for me. I have been Homeless off an on since then for a total of 14 years in my lifetime of 55. I have used my experiences as a Homeless Person to educate where I can. I founded Friend To The Homeless about 9 years ago and the website is a place where people can go to find a connection with Homeless People through images, video, art, music and more. We also offer education on care package giving and acknowledging Homeless People who frequently feel invisible. Friend to the Homeless is fully funded by formerly Homeless People - therefore we do not seek out monetary donations. Visit today.