Introduction: Give a New Life of an Used Longboard.

I buy this used complete longboard in a shop for only 50€ ( approximately = 56$), I know there are a lot of instructables on skateboard but I wanted to make my own version. sorry for my english I'm french.

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Step 1: Let's Remove All the Paint !

First of all remove the trucks and all the screws of the skateboard.

You can now apply some paint remover, follow the instruction of the product, wait 5-10 min and remove the paint with a "spatula" . Make this operation many times if one is no enough.

Step 2: Sand Down

Now you can sand down the skateboard

Step 3: Make Your Own Decoration

Put some electrician scotch tape where you want to make your decoration, mine is not very right.

Remember to put scotch tape to the side of the longboard.

Step 4: PAINT!!!!

Now you can paint your longboard ! Make at least 3 layers of paint. So you make the first one, you wait 15 min and you make another one etc… Put latex gloves because paint is difficult to clean on hand ;)

Step 5: The Funniest Part

Remove slowly all the tape scotch of the board. Be careful

Step 6: Polish

You have now to put some polish on it and after a few hours, your board is finish.

Step 7: Trucks

Remove the part down of the trucks

Now we will paint the trucks so find a solution to hang them and paint it twice at least, but cover the extremity of the trucks.

Step 8: Bearings

Remove all the bearings of the wheels, and let soaked them on the grease for at least 30 min. After that you cand put the bearings on the wheels, put also the ring between the trucks and the wheels and between the wheels and the nut.

Step 9: Final

Here the final result !!

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