Give a Pop of Color to a Pocket Mirror With Sugru



Introduction: Give a Pop of Color to a Pocket Mirror With Sugru

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Boring pocket mirrors are cheap to come by, but with this addition, it can easily have a nice and unique look. All you need is Sugru; the actual number of packets depends on the number and kind of colors. We used a small amount of black and red by themselves, and mixed blue and yellow to produce the green base color, but the choice is yours.

Step 1: Create the Base

We used green (50% blue + 50% yellow) for this step, you can find exact proportions for mixing some popular colors on the paper envelope of the Sugru itself, just take your time until the color is homogeneous. Now that you have the color you wanted, just form a nice even base that covers the exterior of both halves.

Step 2: Create the Face

We used black Sugru for two dots as eyes, a smile and a line on the tongue, a third of a packet is enough so if you have something to use the remains for, it's enough. Roll the sugru into a 2 mm thick roll and use a thin blade like an X-ACTO knife to cut three small ones for the eyes and the middle of the tongue. Latter should be rolled into a thinner roll, while the eyes should be rolled around to form two little black spheres. The remaining black can be bent into the shape of the smile, and last, a small amount of red Sugru can be used to create the base of the tongue.

Step 3: Test the Mechanics and You're Ready

Test whether the mirror opens without problems, and if there's excess Sugru, remove it with a knife. Wait 24 hours for the Sugru to harden, then your mirror is ready!

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