Introduction: Give Some Color to Your Macbook

What do you need:

- Laptop that's in desperate need of some color

- Montana spray paint, color of choice.

- Paper towels

- Tweezers

- Painters tape

Step 1: Clean It.

Clean your laptop, get all the grease off it otherwise the paint won't stick.

I did it with just water but you could use something like Ajax.

Step 2: Remember Your Model Number

Take a picture or write your model number down, it might come in handy someday :D

Step 3: Taping

Instead of taking the whole computer apart and and taking all the parts out, I just taped the wholes or stuffed it with paper towels. It works really good and it saves a lot of time and reassembly confusion.

Step 4: Spray It

Everything is covered up? now you can spray it.

In the case of a macbook, the back plate is one solid piece without any wholes or anything, so I just screwed it off and painted it separately after I had sprayed the front.

I sprayed everything with two layers, and let the paint dry for about half an hour in between.

I added a triangle on top of the macbook logo, just to make it a little bit more illuminate. (not a necessary step)

Step 5: Let the Paint Dry Then Remove the Tape and Paper Towels

Remove the paper towels with the tweezers, the LED's that show the battery capacity where to little to cover with tape or anything, so i just used the tweezers to remove the paint on the LED's

Step 6: Done :D

Done, your Macbook is now colored and illuminate :D

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