Introduction: Give Your Dog Foul Tasting Drugs

After 3 weeks of antibiotics to our labrador, Doris, we have somewhat become masters at giving her pills that apparently tastes horrible. We tried to hide the pills in pate and sausage, she would only eat the treats and spit out the pill. REMEMBER TO TAKE ALL NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS AND IF ANY DOUBT IN EXECUTION, DO NOT PROCEED!

Step 1: Prepare the Pill

Start by rubbing some butter on the pill, this way it wont get soggy and stick to the tongue, also it hides some of the flavor.

Step 2: Pry Open the Mouth

This step should only be done if you have complete trust in your dog, if you haven't, seek professional assistance! Start by pushing a finger in the back where there are no teeth, this will make the dog open the mouth. If the dog is resisting or moving around too much, use both hands to keep the head steady and ask someone else to insert the pill. Once open fully, the jaw is quite easily kept open as the jaw is not very powerful when open fully.

Step 3: Put in the Pill

This is where the actual trick takes place. Place the pill far down the back of the mouth, where the tongue starts before the throat starts. In Doris' case this is about 10 centimeters in. Ensure that your finger nails are well trimmed so it won't cut the flesh or in other ways cause any damage. Once the pill is in place, quickly close the mouth. Most likely, the swallow reflex will kick in and the pill will be gone, but if not, rubbing the neck will create a swallowing reflex.

Step 4: Done!

Now to the second most important step (next to ensuring your own and your dog's safety), praise the dog and award with treats, making the experience at least somewhat joyful.