Introduction: Give Your Old Cloth Iron a New Life

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....One day I was Ironing my clothes and accidentally placed the Iron on the nylon sock. The iron was so hot that it melted the sock and the molten plastic stuck to the base of the metal iron. This molten plastic would stick to my new clothes while using..

Many of you may have replaced your cloth iron due to this problem. But now , no worries , Save money with my trick..

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Step 1: Materials Required

Materials required for this project are:

1) Aluminium Foil

2) Old Iron

3) Cutter and scissors

4) Screwdriver(s).

Step 2: Open the Iron

Lets begin by opening the cloth iron to reach the iron base. Main goal is to expose the base so that we can wrap the foil on the iron.

Step 3: Cut the Aluminium Foil

Cut the foil to approximate shape of your iron base. Leave about one centimeter from all ends. These ends will fold in.

Step 4: Apply Thermal Paste (Optional)

Now apply a clean and uniform layer of thermal paste. This step is optional if you want cleaner results.

REMEMBER to use a high grade paste which withstands high temperatures .

Step 5: Wrap the Foil

Carefully wrap the foil around as clean as you can. Remove any air bubbles and wrinkles with your fingers or sponge.

Step 6: Pack Up Time

Reassemble the iron parts carefully as they were before.

Step 7: You Are Done

Now you know how to fix a old cloth iron to give it a new life. You will be saving money and time with this little simple trick.

Hope you like this.

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