Gixie Clock:Most Beautiful Glow Tube Clock

Introduction: Gixie Clock:Most Beautiful Glow Tube Clock

About: I am a student from Beijing Forestry University

I like the Nixie Tube very much, but it is too expensive,I can't afford it. So I spent half a year creating this Gixie Clock.Gixie Clock is achieved by using the ws2812 illumination to make the acrylic light.I do my best to make the RGB tube thinner.In order to add more fun, I used a magnetic design, and my friends thought it was very fun.I have set 7 lighting modes in the program and can adjust the color of the Gixie Clock at will.

Step 1: Supply List

  1. WS2812*60
  2. PMMA
  3. Glass tube
  4. wood
  5. Alumina
  6. atmega328P
  7. RX8025
  8. Probe and magnet
  9. 3Dprinter
  10. PCB

Step 2: Assembly

Here you can find the schematic and pictures of my completed circuit. Use it as a reference to create your own.

Step 3: Code

Step 4: Play With It!

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    3 Discussions


    6 weeks ago

    lonelyfish1: I have it from indiegogo but it stopped working after a while, would you be able to give some tips what to check?


    Question 1 year ago

    I bought one of these but one of the tubes has stopped working where can i get a replacement from ?