Introduction: Gizmo's Quest

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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ―Mahatma Gandh

It all began by a taught to share my idea of "Maker in everyone" so we started a hands on workshop and a month of DIY summer camps !!!!!!

The summer camp was aimed to achieve many creative deeds to be accomplished and share the idea of robotics and the future of it but then we taught we can even teach many other tech gizmos and just then "Gizmo's Quest" was framed !

Gizmo's Quest :

I had a framed a group of 4 people who later happened to be my team - mate :)

Here we wanted to share our knowledge of making gizmos as our community didn't focus much on STEM learning and this was the perfect time for us too help ourselves and other students.

So , there began our journey of teaching cum making GIZMO's .

Step 1: Students Sharing Their Experience and Problems :

To begin with , we started asking the students to share their experience and tell their problems of learning in normal classes so we could do something interesting science to make them understand better !!!

DAY 01 :

We spent the whole day introducing ourselves and share our motto to the students and also ask them to share their ideas and necessary reasons to join our classes !!!

So , our class is not a monotone and instead it's a duplex communication ....

Step 2: Hnads on Basic Fundamentals and Buzzing Electronica

Day 02:

Today we started to teach the students basics of electronics and even make them to name some of the few components so they would have a better grasp of the electronics.

They quickly learned to solder and de-solder that was a luck and then they started to use the hot glue gun to stick things and so on.........

They made two working models :

01. Soil Moisture Sensor using a transistor .

02.Magnus plane made from trash materials so they even learnt about recycling the materials and thus save the trash :)

Step 3: It's Time for Arduino and Programing

Day 03 :

This was the most craziest day and the laziest day.....

Today they learnt about a new piece of hardware and it was ARDUINO they were much more excited then we were and they also a built a new friend...

At first we laid out the basics of Arduino and taught a bit of Arduino Sketch.And some fundamentals of C++ programing , later they were taught to built a small bot that is able to sketch random patterns .......

Introducing Mr.Sketchy "The art bot" :

This bot was again made from reused and recycled materials as we didn't have enough resources but this opened a new world for them as they came to know that it is always not necessary that they need an Arduino or some other stuffs to make cool things , they realized that it can be done right form the materials available at their home.

Step 4: Sensors and Peripherals .......

Day 04 & 05 :

These days was most boring days as it was full of scary stuffs happening on the scree that is PROGRAMING.

Quickly they were introduced to Hello World of Arduino programing and other fundamental program and this continued for 2 days as there were many useful sensors to be covered and also a quick life hack model was made !!

They liked how the programs worked but not how they wanted to write and we made them to realize that it is a necessary thing to learn as it would bring new innovations in them and make them a complete problem solving machine........

They made a "Summer Heat Beat Hat (SHBH) " , they were already available at market but we still taught them that it could be done even by them also ....

And then they bet adieu to their coding classes...

Step 5: Buggy Day

Day 06 :

So now how about mimic the nature bots ??

Today they learnt to build a small bug that could detect light and go in search of it using some tiny sensors and transistors and overall understand the dynamics of a rigid body and the way they were influenced by other forces..

And totally it was a BUGGY DAY....

Step 6: Being a Maker Is Fun !!!

Day 07 & 08 :

This day was solely kept for the project that were chosen by the students to make and learn !!!

First day we built a small lie detecting machine powered by Arduino and also made from a transistor and here is where they realized programing is important , as it taught them the taste of failure in their electronics venture as their transistor project failed in functioning and without wasting time we quickly made a new one with Arduino with the help of Instructables and then they realized that they needed to learn programming,as it was easier to control everything and also easy to debug!!!

the next day they were introduced to little brother of UNO the "NANO" and they learned to use the data sheet and so on....

Step 7: IoT and Valediction ;(

Day 09 & 10 :

Day 09th was the most interesting day too as they learnt how their projects could be connected to the internet and how wirelessly they can control their projects and not forgetting about the security of their projects ...Later they were taught to make a drunken walking bot !!!

Day 10th was to bid send off to the students to venture further and make exciting stuffs on their own !!!

They were given 14 models that were made and taught in the class to take away and also a completion certificate ....

The time we had spent together was much more greater and will always be a wonderful memory for all of us !!

"There is a maker in everyone and only few sees that "

With Regards

Thank you all !!!!
Happy Tinkering!!

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