Introduction: Glaceau Smartwater Bottle Rocket

Here is the Instructions to make a water bottle rocket. This project was made in order of my superiors.


1 liter smart water bottle

1 roll of duct tape

1 folder


1 sharp object capable of cutting through duct tape and folder (we used a box cutter)

1 water bottle rocket launcher (Necessary for launching item made)

Step 1: Create Fins

Create fins, the amount is not important, preferably three. Make them all the same size and wrap them with the duct tape to make them sturdier.

The goal is to make them generally triangle shaped and to have the ends flush with the contact point of the bottle and fin.

Also do not make them go out bellow the bottle opening.

Step 2: Create Cone

Take the remainder or the folder and make a cone that has the width of the bottom of the bottle, this will be your nose.

Secure shape with duct tape.

(If you are using a "data cube" as this does create a place where you can attach and detach it. put in center to improve bottle's balance.)

Step 3: Attach Fins

Duct tape the fins to the bottle as shown here.

Step 4: Attach Cone

Duct tape cone to bottle


(if you use a "data cube" due to battery life)

Step 5: Results

That's all folks.