Introduction: Glad Press'n Seal, Peel and Stick Shirt Protector (For a Messy Eater)

I came up with this idea a few weeks ago but hadn't tried it until today. I made a hot chocolate cereal (cream of wheat style) for breakfast which is messy and dries like cement.

What you need:
Glad Press'n Seal
A normal bib (optional)
A messy eater (3rd party or self)

Before the meal:
Hold roll of Press'n Seal and tear off a small sheet, enough to cover the eater's shirt. May need multiple sheets if it's yourself. :)

Apply it to the eater's shirt.

Optionally place a normal bib around the eater's neck. It should lie on top of the sheet of Press'n Seal. 

After the meal:
Clean up hands and face, or risk getting the shirt stained by messy fingers.

Remove bib and Press'n Seal.

Toss Press'n Seal in garbage, (unless you know of a way to reuse it I guess...)

Future research:
I'm  thinking about using a sheet of this stuff under like a disposable place mat.