Introduction: Glade --> Oust Scented Oil Conversion

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Blast ye proprietary bottle and impulsive shopping. Here's how to get the oil out of a glade scented oil bottle into an oust scented oil bottle thinger... I proclaim, I like the oust bottles better - much easier to refill yourself without breaking the bottle.

Step 1: Poke It

Use a tooth pick of skewer, and press it into the glade diffusion tip.

Step 2: Push It

Using the skewer - push the diffusion wick into the bottle. It will likely break in half in the bottom of the bottle.

Step 3: Pull It

Pull the skewer out, and any remaining wick with it.

Step 4: Pour It

Pull the diffuser off the oust bottle, then pour the glade oil into the oust bottle.

Step 5: Stick It

Stick the oust diffuser back in, and then into whatever device it goes into.