Introduction: Glass Bottle Cutter and Warlis Art

This is one of fascinating projects, I came across instructable and Google. One can cut old beer and wine bottles into craft.

There is no need to cut bottles to do decoration on the bottles or to convert them into vase. But I wanted to cut them into two pieces, so that I can use the bottom as planters, pen holders, tealights holders etc

To cut glass bottles we have many ways

• Thread with alcohol : Does not give clean cut, One has to spend alot of time in sanding sharp edges. looks dangerous. Where to we get good acetone and alcohol at cheaper rates ?

• Resistive hot wire : Good method, but resistive wire not easily available
• Wet Saws etc : Too costly to setup at Home

Bottle cutters : Many jigs are available, not expensive to build

I choose bottle cutter jig and will explain in next step how build one

Step 1: What Do We Need ?


1. Glass Bottles, as many as you want and of any shape


1. Bottle Cutter
2. Acrylic Paint

Material for Glass Cutter

1. 0.5" pvc pipe ( 16 Inches )
2. Diamond head glass cutter
3. Wood plank 6" x 10"
4. Bidding wood 3 to 4 feet ( 18 mm width )
5. Bidding wood 6" ( 60 mm width )
6. Screws 0.25 inches length
7. Metal L joint
8. Hex Saw
9. Shoe Nails

Step 2: Safety First

Safety Waring : The steps shared in this instructable should not be performed by kids or without basic training to handle glass cutting. You can seriously injure yourself or people / kids around you

Few Tips

• Working area should be uncluttered, if anything breaks, it should be easy to clean
• No kids around, they are our inspiration and their safety is first
• Wear safety glass for eye protection
• Wear masks and gloves to protect against glass dust or sharp pieces
• Never leave the glass bottles within reach for your kids
• Take breaks and Keep first aid box handy

While working my kid dropped glass bottle on the floor. luckily no one got hurt except the bottle

Step 3: Build Bottle Cutter Jig : BASE

• Cut all pieces and sand paper them, this makes it easy to handle
• Fix the 60 MM bidding wood piece on the short edge of the wooden plank. make sure the join is 90 degree to each other
• Fix the Aluminum Channels

Step 4: Build Bottle Cutter Jig: Cutting Arm

• Cut the glass cutter ( I used Stanley's Glass cutter)
• Drill holes on the cutter for adjutments
• Fix it on wooden piece
• Fix mettalic L shaped corner on another wooden piece and connect them as shown

We can slide this arm on the aluminum channel and adjust cutting lengths and with different sized bottles

I normally loosen the screws for length and size

Step 5: Issues With the Bottle Cutter Jig

Problem 1 : The aluminum channel used for resting bottle was too close so bottle became unstable and would slip around.

Solution : Replace the aluminium channels with 0.5" pvc pipe, at-least 1 inch

Problem 2 : There is gap between aluminium channel and the wooden arm. So the scoring cut is not aligned

Solution : I used small piece of aluminium channel and fixed in the gap. works like a charm

Problem 3 : Loose screws

Solution : Always tighten all screws before you begin

Step 6: Finally Bottle Cutting

1. Before we cut bottles take all precautions, wear safety gear and no kids around
2. Clean the wine/ beer bottle and let it dry
3. Gently place the bottle on the jig and adjust the cutting arm
4. Left Hand :

1. Hold the bottle to sit firm
2. Press your left hand thumb on the cutting arm
3. You can apply medium pressure

• Right Hand

1. Slowing rotate the bottle
2. You should hear crackling sound

• Not all glass surface is even, some places it may be thinner
• You may have to apply more pressure to do even and deep score

Problem 4 : The score has to be even or may result in unwanted / un predicted cuts

Solution : Simply go over the scored line couple of times and inspect the sore. Do not lift the bottle for the jig, matching again becomes very difficult

To separate bottles using Candle and Ice method. This is very effective in getting good cuts. I was able to cut glass bottle rings in close proximity

Step 7: Decoration : Warlis Art

The Warlis or Varlis are an indigenous tribe or Adivasis, living in mountainous as well as coastal areas of Maharashtra-Gujarat border and surrounding areas. They have their own animistic beliefs, life, customs and traditions, as a result of acculturation they have adopted many Hindu beliefs. The Warlis speak an unwritten Varli language which belong to the southern zone of the Indo-Aryan languages and the union territories of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu.Wiki

I used Warlis style to paint some of the cups. As kids I was never good at painting or brush stroke, but on these my unplanned strokes appear more tribal art

Hope you liked this