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a while ago, I saw an Instructable for a glass cutting jig, but it looked a bit limited in the choice of bottles it could cut,and in its stability. so I decided to improve on it.

Here is the result.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Scrap and leftover wood..

a bottle.

Glass cutter blade.

Jig saw.
Electric Drill.

Driver drill (or screwdrivers).

carpenter pencil.

Measuring tape.


Step 2: The Patterns

I drew the patterns for the parts using Google Sketch-up, the measurements and forms are correct, but the dimensions on paper( if you print the patterns) aren't- I'm new to this software...anyhow, if You need any clarifications, let me know in the comment section.

UPDATE: uploaded a pdf version of the layouts. I repeat here, because i'm not that handy with Google Sketchup, the layouts aren't 1:1 scale, the measurements on them are correct though. you can just draw them on your wood..most of them are rectangles.

Step 3: The Box

Use the layout patterns to get the correct measurements using the circled numbers you see on each part.

for example, here we have parts number 1,2 and 3.

The dimensions are written on them in the photos, and also in the layout patterns in the previous step..

Screw the parts together with wooden screws, it's easier to adjust them in case there is a slight variation in the cuts or so.

Screw the wheels on (placement in the photo).

Step 4: The Front Bottle Stop

This is a 2-parts element.

Parts numbered 7,8,9,10 and 11.

For number 8, you need 2 of them.

Step 5: The Rails

Parts numbered 4 and 5 are for the front rail, number 6 is the rear one.

Step 6: The Blade Handle and Slider

Numbers 12,13 and 14.

Step 7: All Together

The big screw on the slider (on top of the bottle-check last photo) and the handle screws are screwed in tightly before i start cutting.It help stabilize the handle.

Step 8: Testing 1 2 3

  1. Place the bottle in the jig.
  2. Adjust front stop to the bottle length and tighten the bottle cap diameter adjuster.
  3. Adjust the cutting blade position by moving the handle slider.
  4. Tighten the handle stabilizing screws.
  5. Lower the handle, and turn the bottle slowly, while applying very light pressure, just to mark a line on the bottle with the blade..
  6. Use a professional hot air blower ( or equivalent ) to heat the line you just created, turn bottle slowly for a minute.
  7. Dip bottle in cold water and wait until you hear the cracking sound.Voila!
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