Glass Jar Pot

Introduction: Glass Jar Pot

I made a succulent pot out of a recycled pasta sauce jar.


glass jar



cold water

propane burner

isopropyl alcohol


Step 1: Prepare Jar

After cleaning out your jar and letting it dry, remove any covering on the outside, and wrap the string around it until its fairly thick and wide, and tie it to keep the string place.

Step 2: Splitting the Glass

Pour the alcohol on the string until its wet. Light the propane burner and apply the flame to the string while rotating the jar for about 30-45 seconds. The string may burn off, which is to be expected. Once an appropriate amount of time passes, carefully lower the jar into the cold water. It should split along the line that you made with the string.

Step 3: Water Testing

The pot must be able to hold water, so conduct a water test by filling it with water and observing for leaks after cutting to make sure none of the cracks made in the process let water out.

Step 4: Sanding

Use a dremel with course sandpaper to smooth the jagged cuts. Be sure to use eye covering like glasses or snow goggles to prevent glass dust and shard from hitting your eyes

Step 5: Planting

Fill the pot with soil and a plant of of your choice.

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