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Introduction: Glass Light Stand

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     The cube glass decoration are beautiful to look at. The cost of a 3 Dimensional Picture Cube has gone down and can now be seen in generals stores and even dollar stores. But the light stand is still expensive. This Instructable will show you how to build one for your own picture cubes for $10. I used" AutoDesk Inventor Fusion" to design the glass stand before I actually built it. you can find this drawing at 123D gallery.

Please vote, there are no local object printing services in my area. I have not heard of any trusted online sources so my projects have been build with cardboard and/or clay.

Step 1: The Box

     The measurements of the stand are in the images below.

     Supplies:                                                                                           Tools:

Flashing Light Kit (Radio Shack)                                                  Solder Iron
          Different Color LED's (Optional)                                                   Solder Wire
          Hard Cardboard                                                                               Masking Tape
          Aluminum Foil                                                                                  Hot Glue Gun
          2 Bottle Caps                                                                                   Ruler
          Speaker Word                                                                                  Drill
          Paint                                                                                                   Drill Bits
          9 Volt Battery                                                                                     Razor

     Cut the Hard Cardboard and tape together and create boxes using masking tape.  Cut 2 holes into the top box 7/8 inch in diameter. Paint the top box. Do not paint the bottom box because it will cause the two boxes to stick to each other.

Step 2: Flashing Lights

A.     Assemble the "Flashing Light Kit" as instructed by the manual. In the holes of the LED's solder the speakers wires. Each 5  inches long. Do not solder the LED's on yet, this will be done later.

B.     Measure the inside length and width of the bottom box and cut a rectangle from the cardboard. Cut slots out of the sides as shown on the picture below.

C.     Take the two bottle caps and drill and hole through the side of each. The hole needs to be large enough to fit the speaker wires through. Line the inside with aluminum foil, hold down with the hot glue. This is going to be your reflectors.

D.     Run the end of the speaker wires through the bottle caps and solder on the LED's. Watch the polarity.

E.     Hot glue the LED's to the bottom of the bottle cap. Put glue between the LED and the bottle cap so the aluminum foil does not create a short circuit. The lights should be blinking, use a small screw driver to adjust the speed of the flash.

F. Glue the "Flashing Lights Kit" to the bottom of the bottom box off to the side. Plug in the battery and place near the Kit. Cover with the cut out.

Step 3: Top Box

A.     Glue the bottle caps under the holes of the top under.

B.     Place the top over the bottom like a shoe box. Then place your glass cube over the lights and watch them glow.

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