Introduction: Glass Markerboard Cheap and Easy

My gf has been the forefront of keeping our daily lives organized and listed. She insisted we get a marker-board to write down daily reminders and things to buy.  While she was browsing online for one, she came across the frosted glass marker-board which I thought looked really nice and perfect for my place but holy crap, $100+ for a piece of glass?? I could build one for less than $20 bucks and lucky me, I had a spare frosted glass sitting in my trunk.  I knew that would come in handy. 

If you got a piece of glass or acrylic lying around, might as well put it to good use.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

- 1 inch angled wood
- 3/8" square dowel
- Spare glass or acylic

- Wood Glue
- Wood saw
- Pencil
- Hacksaw
- Drill
- Wood screws
- Tape measure

You can find all this at your local hardware stores, even the glass or acrylic. My frosted glass was from parted out from a bed stand I think from Ikea.

Step 2: Cut to Size

Place your glass on top of the angle wood and mark the edge. This depends on the length of your glass. Also match and cut the 3/8" square dowel.

Step 3: Create the Two Mounting Rack

1. Place the glass on top of the angled wood.
2. Smear the wood glue on one side of the square dowel and place the non glue side against the glass.
3. Carefully place the glue side onto the angled wood.
4. Clamp down the square dowel and remove the glass. Wipe off the excess glue off the glass

After it's done drying, you can paint it whatever your heart's desire. 

Step 4: Drill and Mount Up

Pick a spot where you want your glass marker-board to be and start measuring. Carefully mark the the length of your glass + mount onto the wall and double check your measurement. After that's done, place on the wall and screw it in.  

The wood screw must be flushed with the surface or else it will block the glass from being able to slide in so use a countersink if you have one. You can use a bigger drill bit to create the hole bigger but don't go all the way through.

Step 5: Install the Glass

Once you have everything in place and hopefully your measurements was top notch, the glass should be relatively easy to install by sliding it in.

There you have it! Cheap solution to a glass marker-board.