Glass Pot




Introduction: Glass Pot


This instructable will teach you how to create a glass pot from scratch, you also will learned how to cut glass!

Have fun,


Step 1: Materials

You will need:

  • Glass
  • Cardboard
  • Glass Cutter
  • Glass cutting oil
  • Silicone
  • Caulk Gun
  • T Ruler
  • Ruler
  • Sharpie
  • Masking Tape
  • Cutter
  • Wipes
  • Cloves / Towel / Cloth

At the end of this instructable I will leave you the links from where you can buy all the materials.

Step 2: Pattern

Measure and mark your cut line on the cardboard

Dimensions from my example: 30cm X 10 cm X 10 cm

Step 3:

Once you have marked it, cut them off with the cutter (NOT the glass cutter)

Step 4:


Make sure that the base of the box you are going to make, has the thickness of the glass added.

Step 5:

Take the masking tape and the pieces you cut and start put it on together

IMPORTANT: This will help us visualized the complications we might had when we do it out of glass.

Step 6:

Undo the card box so you can use the pieces for the next step

Step 7: Glass

* You'll need a large flat surface

Photo 1 & 2:

Once you got the cardboard pieces, go ahead and transfer them to the glass using the permanent marker.

  • ·Permanent marker is the best marker because it will wash off easily, we’re all about getting the job done, so we don’t need professional marking device.
  • ·Trace the pieces together as much as possible, this will make it less difficult to cut them and also we save material.

Photo 3:

REMEMBER: Make sure that the base of the box you are going to make, has the thickness of the glass added.

Step 8: Cutter

Then, it is time for the cutter lubricant. If you have a cutter with the oil tank in the handle it's just to fill up and go.

  • If you have a basic cutter, you can apply the lubricant by dipping the cutter in some of the oil. You don’t need a lot, but be sure to have it on along the whole line.

Step 9: Cutting

After you’ve lubricated the cutter, run the glass cutter along your line, DO NOT press down the cutter, this first line is to know if you are going the right way.

  • If you plan on wearing goggles and gloves, put them on at this point.

When you are sure about your line and direction, run the glass cutter along your line, this time PRESSING down hard enough to hear a ripping sound.

  • You should be careful, sometimes the ruler moves and so does your cutter. You need to grab the ruler hard.
  • Keep going in one single motion until you reach the end. Do not run back if you feel you miss a spot

Step 10:

Photo 1:

You should "hit" the glass, just through the cutting line with the back of the cutter.

Photo 2:

Grab each side of the cut carefully in your hands. IF YOU ARE NOT USING CLOVES, TAKE A TOWEL OR A CLOTH TO GRAB THE GLASS.

  • Hold the glass as if you were trying to break something in half with two hands. You just need to twist your wrists


Step 11: Glass Pieces

Step 12: Clean the Glass

As soon as you have all the pieces of glass instead of the ones in cardboard, clean all the edges with the wipes to remove the permanent marker

Step 13: Joing the Pieces Together

Once they are clean, join them with masking tape as shown above.

Step 14: Silicone

Take the silicone, put it on the caulk gun, and apply it to the inside edge.

Step 15: Time to Wait

You will need to wait around 20 minutes to get this dry.

Step 16: You Have Finished!

Remove all the masking tape, you have finished!

Step 17: Applications

You can use it for everything you can think of:

  • Flower pot
  • Fish tank
  • Decoration
  • etc.

In photo 1, I bought air fresheners and put some candles on top, I thought it looked nice and works as decoration for your home.

In photo 2, I used it as a Flower pot, but you can really use it for whatever you can think of.

Step 18: Example

Now that you know the process of cutting glass, you can make your own designs, this is an example!

I hope you liked it, any doubt write me!


Step 19: Links to Buy Materiales

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    Tip 4 years ago

    After finishing the cutting and degreasing, sand the sharp edges with #400 silicon-carbide wet-or-dry paper and water. Just a light sanding at 45 degrees over the edges will take off the sharp edge. Clean and dry.

    For strength the silicone needs to be applied between the mating surfaces. Apply bead to mating edge then assemble. This is cumbersome, as you can't tape beforehand. Make some cardboard jigs to aid assembly. Assembly can be done in steps allowing silicone to dry between each one. Second coat can be applied on inside as you describe after the first is set.

    Silicone is weak when freshly set. Allow at least overnight before handling. In dry climate, ball up wet paper towel after initial setting and put inside and cover to allow moist air to speed cure.


    4 years ago

    I think of silicone as more of a sealer than an adhesive, it reasonably strong?

    if you mess up on the silicone in a spot, can just that spot be redone and it look good?

    is the sealer clear or more translucent when dried?


    Reply 4 years ago

    It is reasonably strong, it withstands the waters pressure.

    I recommend you to be careful when applying the silicon, because it is difficult to remove it. If you mask the parts where you want the silicon, it would be much easier. This means that you put masking tape inside the pot. I'll leave you an image to explain.

    But If your glass has stains, I would recommend to take a razor from a cutter and thinner to remove it.

    When the silicon dries it is kind of clear, but not translucident. Everything depends on what silicon you buy.

    Thank you for your comment, if you get more doubts, write me!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Glass aquariums are usually held together with silicone. Of course, there is usually some in between the pieces of glass and not just along the inside. For this size and not full of water, it shouldn't matter.

    New silicone will not stick to old silicone, so if you need to correct a mistake after it is dried, you will need to scrape it all off and start over to make it watertight. If it is still wet, you can probably fix it.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank You very much!!


    4 years ago

    Great job! I always thought cutting glass was only done in the movies!

    I'll have to try this-thank you.

    th 2.jpeg

    Reply 4 years ago

    It is very simple! Any questions, write me!

    Thanks for your comment!


    4 years ago

    I really like your animated gifs (is that what we call them). it quickly shows what you did. Great touch, i wish others did the same thing.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you very much! I appreciate it!