Glass Replacement - Wood

Introduction: Glass Replacement - Wood

In this Instructable, I'll show you how I improved the look of my cracked phone. I have a moto Z play and I dropped it :(.

The screen broke into small shards at the top bezel. After a few weeks the small glass shards came off, so I replaced the top bezel with a piece of bamboo wood.

After the hack, my smartphone got a unique design. I love it :)

You can apply this hack also to the backside of a phone.

For this hack you will need:

  • a thin piece of wood (0.4-0.8mm) I used a thin veneer
  • double sided Tape (thin) you can also use liquid glue
  • access to a Laser Cutter

Step 1: Remove All Shards of Glass

At first, I removed all shards from the surface you want later cover with wood. It can be helpful to use a hot air gun to warm up the adhesive. Be careful behind the glass can be cables or electric components which you shouldn't damage.

Step 2: Take a Photo

After cleaning the surface I took a photo of your phone. It is important that you take the photo vertical to the screen so that everything is parallel in the picture.

Step 3: Create the Drawing

I used Inkscape to draw a line along the border of the area. I created cut-outs for the speaker, the camera, and the sensors.

Step 4: Skale the Drawing

Now we have to scale the outline to the right dimensions.

Step 5: Lasercut the Design

I laser cut the design, but before you should measure the thickness of the glass you want to replace so that you can choose the right thickness of the wood.

Step 6: Assembly

Hopefully, everything fits together. With double sitted tape, you can attach the wood piece to the phone.

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    4 years ago

    Excellent way to fix the glass of a smartphone! It looks very nice!