Introduction: Glass Shower Doors Installation Steps

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As easy as it may sound, but going through the contractor selection, comparing pricing and overall planning may sound daunting to anybody. And if going through this procedure list is not your cup of tea, then try this easy process of installing the frameless shower door all by yourself. With a few materials and little skill, you will be able to install the most attractive part of your bathroom space all by yourself.

Step 1: List of Required Tools

Following tools are required:

  1. Measuring tape
  2. level
  3. All weather sealant
  4. Utility knife
  5. Staple gun
  6. Grease
  7. Pencil for markings
  8. Drilling machine
  9. Screws
  10. Screw tip attachment
  11. Glass installation frames
  12. Glass shower door

Step 2: Planning and Measurements

Well begun is half done, right? And that’s why proper planning of installing this attractive work of art is very much required. What, when, where and how a few are questions that need to be answered before attempting to do door installation yourself. Select among the various glass doors option, get the right fixtures from the trusted company and plan the right space in your bathroom for the installation. Understand the fixing parts and procedure well in advance before you start attempting.

Once you get the clarity, putting a perfect shower door installation is all about correct measurements. Bring out the measuring tape and take note on every inch of the bathroom space to get the flawless fittings. Note down the measurement of door panels, base track and shower enclosure to order the correct size for your installation.

Step 3: Drilling – the Most Important Job

Seize the base tracks with silicon sealant and once it’s dry, fix the hinge-side jamb into the groove. Put the markings on the wall with the help of pencil and drill the holes perpendicular to make the right placement of the Jamb. Use the plastic wall anchors to safeguard the surface. Make sure to use the correct beam size matching your screws, to avoid any fallout.

Step 4: Time to Install Frame

Insert the Jamb down into the base track. Secure the Jamb by placing it on the wall and fastening with screws and repeat the same on the other side. Confirm the plumb and flush of pieces before fastening the screws. Now that the three sizes of the frame are ready, close the complete framework by placing the header rail and setting the top of the frame. Measure the upper rail separately to avoid measurement error. Now fix and adjust the upper edge until it sits perfectly at a place.

A strong and well-made frame is the correct foundation of your glass door installation, so take your time in fixing it the right way.

Step 5: Now Install Glass Door

Place the bottom of the door into the grooved base and adjust into the side jamb. Use some help for placing the heavy door correctly. Now drill the hinge side jamb through the holes of hinge rail.

Insert the hinge rail for the swinging door and attach the glass door carefully with the help of the screws. However, if you are putting the sliding doors, slide the bumpers that come with the installation kit and attach the strike-side rail. Fix the hanger brackets and put the roller to these brackets. Install the glass door and add the door hardware for the final touch.

An attempt to lift heavy glass doors during installation can be risky. It can lead to injury or breakage of the glass. It is advisable to take proper assistance while installing this setup.