Introduction: Glass Window Door Insert Gasket.

The gasket material in my window insterts for my front door had become warped quite badly over time.

I dismantled them and brought the gasket material to my local hardware store to find a replacement. None were available. When I could not find a replacement I decided to diy myself something better. Something that wouldnt warp as easily. The gasket that was there had no frame or skeleton to resist movement and support the glass.

I thought a wood skeleton with silicone would suffice providing a frame and something to attach the silicone to.


1/2 wood
Silicone caulk
Wood glue
Sandpaper, and something to cut the wood.

Step 1: The Gasket Was Oil Based (tar Perhaps) With a Coil of Metal.

The gasket was difficult to remove. Put when you find the end of the coiled gasket you can slowly pull the puter layer off. Then cut through the remaining material with a sharp knife. I was able to remove the remaining material by using a paper towel to wrap around the glass and coating it with cooking oil (warm spot in ziploc bag one day).

Step 2: Wooden Frame to Support the Glass.

After test fitting the wood frame I glued it together and used the existing vinyl covers with shims to clamp it together. After it cured I applied a bead of silicone caulk and pressed down evenly to secure the material confirming it was level all the way around. Repeated for the layers required. I would clear excess silicone after curing was complete for the exterior layers in. The last bead of silicone was purposely applied thinly because it would be more visable when the materials were squeezed together.