Introduction: Glass Memo Board in Your Choice of Colour

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Forget about whiteboards and messy chalkboards... make this glass memo or menu board and spray the back of the glass with any Rust-Oleum colour to match you existing decor. To clean simply wipe the glass and write again!

I always have plenty of offcuts lying around in the workshop just in case I come up with an idea to put these to good use. This glass memo board is made using a single sheet of MDF and a few extra pieces of pine moulding that I bought at my local hardware store. The board measures 500 x 800mm and I cut it to fit around a piece of glass that I already had, but you can easily make up the frame, measure and then have a piece of glass cut to size. Most hardware stores can also cut glass and mirror to size for you while you wait.

The glass was cleaned and the back sprayed with Rust-Oleum 2X gloss seaside to match the teal colour in the open plan kitchen / dining room.

Step 1: Cut the Frame and Spray the Glass

After measuring the piece of glass I transferred this onto the board. 10mm holes were drilled at the corners inside the lines where the glass will fit and the centre section cut out with a jigsaw. After cutting out the centre make sure that the piece of glass will fit, or adjust as necessary by cutting or sanding.

After thoroughly cleaning one side of the glass with glass cleaner it was sprayed with two coats of Rust-Oleum 2X in gloss seaside. Spray on a light coat - holding the can no closer than 30cm and working from side to side from the top to the bottom and let this dry before spraying on a second coat in the same way.

The mouldings that were attached to the inside of the frame have a 5mm lip that is used to hold the glass in place. If you can't find these at your local hardware store you can search online. The moulding is cut at 45-degree for the corners and glued in place. Have some quick clamps handy to hold firm until the adhesive sets.

To secure the glass on the lip inside the centre you can use glass clips, but these alone aren't strong enough if you are using 5mm glass. For added security I also use steel corner braces and a single T-brace at the top and bottom. Test fit the glass into the frame to make sure it fits perfectly.

Put the glass aside for now so that you can sand and spray the frame with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint. I used satin blossom white.

At the bottom of the frame I mounted a strip of corner moulding to act as a shelf for the whiteboard marker. This was spray painted and then glued in place. Finish by adding some hooks and picture hanging wire at the back to mount onto a wall.

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