Glasses Bridge Repair

Introduction: Glasses Bridge Repair

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What’s up guys. I have a good friend who was down on his luck and he was telling me his glasses had broke right down the middle. I asked him if I could try to fix them and after a couple of hours this was the result.


JB Weld, 3D Printer (you can ask for parts to be made online), toothpicks and popsicle sticks, cardboard. A $6 rotary tool from harbor freight helped with clean up.

Step 1: 3D Model

Tinkercad is a super easy to use cad program to use after a half hour crash course I was able to let my imagination go wild. I took my trusty micrometer and did some quick measurements of the indentation of the glasses bridge and was able to design and print a support system to use along side JB Weld products which is a really strong adhesive usually used in automotive.

Step 2: We Want a Clean Job.

These glasses are going to go on your face so I don’t have to mention the importance of making them look as clean and as original as possible. When your doing the job I would use tape to cover the glass front and back on both sides to make sure no JB Weld gets on them. I used brown filament for my 3d printing because it’s all I had, but I painted it black with spray paint. So I found it best to tape the glasses lightly back together in a way where you can separate them at the broken crack and add adhesive. After it dries then begins the support. In my particular case I did a very fast and easy design that didn’t take all of the groves of the bridge into account. I compensated with JB Weld to fill in the gaps and finished the job by using a rotary tool to lightly scathe off residual adhesive. I plan to let it dry, but they seem pretty strong after 30 minutes. I used JB Weld kwik, it gave me enough time to clean yet fast enough to knock the job out in a couple of hours.

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