Glasses Case Bluetooth Speaker

Introduction: Glasses Case Bluetooth Speaker

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This is a pretty simple design only a few tools needed, it took me a few hours to complete but hopefully I found and fixed any of the messy bits that should help you save a bit of time.


Old glasses case

2x small speakers

Some wire for speakers and the power jack

Soldering Iron

Hole saw and drill or Dremel tool

Bluetooth amp (I used TDA7492)

Hot glue gun12v PSU (8v minimum)

Small saw

Step 1: What You Will Need

  • Old glasses case
  • 2x small speakers
  • Some wire for speakers and the power jack
  • Soldering Iron
  • Hole saw or Dremel tool
  • Bluetooth amp (I used TDA7492)
  • Hot glue gun
  • 12v PSU (8v minimum)
  • Small saw

Step 2: Cut Two Holes in the Top of the Case

Use a hole saw that matches the size of the speakers you want to use, when you have the holes cut, use a file to take off any rough edges that were left behind.

Step 3: Desolder Speakers and Power Jack From the Amp

Desolder the 2 connectors for the speakers and the power jack, this makes the board a little more low profile, I had issues with positioning of the board to be able to close the case, with these removed it made it easier.

Step 4: Solder Your Wires to Speakers and Power Jack

Solder your wires to the pads on the speakers, they are usually marked +/- and the board also has these markings so just ensure to solder + wire to + contact on the amp and so on, do not mix the channels.

I extended the power jack to the right hand side of the case and just ran 2 cables from the jack to the +/- terminals on the board, If you are using the same board as I am then looking at the power jack from a front view the positive terminal is on your left and the negative terminal is on the right.

Step 5: Power Jack & Speakers

Cut a small notch out of the side of the case, just big enough to fit the connecter of your psu to make good contact with the jack. Then use hot glue to hold the jack in place.

Position your speakers over the holes you cut on the top of the case and again use hot glue to hold them in place, you may need to hold the speaker in place for a minute so that the glue sets correctly.

Step 6: Power On

After all is set in place power on your speaker and see how it sounds!

  • From my positioning of the board the back of the speaker covered the Bluetooth antenna so you would only get about 2meters away from the speaker before the signal got choppy, to fix this I soldered a small piece of wire to the antenna and drilled a small hole in the top to run it through, You could also do the same thing but run the wire inside the case and solder it to the metal hinge of the case but that was an after thought.
  • As an optional extra I added some foam to the back of each speaker to provide some cushioning between the speakers and the amp.

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