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Introduction: Glitter Anxiety Mason Jar

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What inspired me?

I love simple and house hold craft items such as this one. All of the items used in this simple project were just lying about. Even if you dont have them you can also buy them at most local shops for less then £5. I love and product and love the general format.

What will you need?

- A Mason jar (size doesn't matter, it can also be just a water tight jar).

- Glitter glue (if you dont have this you can use normal glitter and PVA).

- Water

You can also make it into a glowing glitter jaw. You will need these also;

- Glow sticks

- Scissors

- Pliers

- A rubbish bag and some wipes or tissue

Step 1: Water

Step One - Water

Okay so first things first, wash out the jar. Even though its new or hasn't been used a quick rinse under some cold water or a wipe down wouldn't hurt. This also ensures nothing is in the mixture that shouldn't be. Slowly pour water into the jar until it is nearly full. Remember to use water that is just perfect, not too warm and not to cold. You don't want the insides steaming up or condensation building up. When this is done, its ready for the next step.

Step 2: The Glitter

Step two - The glitter

Adding the glitter is probably the easiest step. That said, it will not look how it looks in the picture until you close the lid and begin to shake. This will break down the glue, creating a cool effect when shaken. If you are using normal glitter, this will be much easier. however, I used glitter glue. this meant I had to shake much longer to break up the glue.

Step 3: The Optional Part

Step Three - The optional part

This step is a basic add on and wont work long. But if you have them lying about then why not try it. Crack each glow stick and then shake vigorously. This will ensure all the chemicals have reacted. Using the pliers or scissors, snip of one end then hold it over the mason jar. When this is done, grab the scissors again and snip off the other end, this releases pressure and the insides/chemicals begin to pour out. This is kind if like a straw. If you suck up a straw when placed into a liquid, then place your finger over the end, the liquid stays In side.

When this is done, close the Mason jar. Remember to tighten it as much as possible. This prevents any water from escaping and someone getting told off. When you are sure the lid is tight, shake vigorously until the entire mixture is shaken.

Step 4: Done!


Thank you so much for reading my Instructable. I really hope you have enjoyed making it. I know its quite easy by the easiest the project, the more likely you are to do it. Please follow and favourite for more summer DIY projects. Please comment if you have any more ideas. Check out ZacLewis98 and his Instructables. He's nearly at 30K views so please help him out. Thank you.

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    Why would you use glow sticks. Glow sticks don't glow for very long.

    deleted account
    deleted account

    5 years ago

    Maybe with phosphorescent pigments, the glowing effect could be reactivated under a light. I made a kind of jar with mica powder and this kind of pigment, but it's heavier than the mica powder, so after a few minutes, only the bottom is glowing.
    With your glue, maybe the pigment would sink slower.