Introduction: Glitter Candlesticks

You can watch my video tutorial and follow along with the instructions listed in this post.

Supply List for this DIY:

  1. Krylon Spray Paint Primer
  2. Krylon Glitter Blast Spray Paint
  3. Rubbing Alcohol and a Paper Towel or Cotton Pad
  4. Tape

Step 1: Clean Your Glass Candlesticks With Rubbing Alcohol

Tape the inside of the candlestick, where the candle will reside. We don't want the spray paint the inside part.

Step 2: Use a Spraypaint Primer to Cover the Glass Candlesticks

You may need to apply 2 coats to create your base.

Step 3: Using Krylon Glitter Blast Spray Paint, Spray Your Glass Candlesticks

Two coats of spray may be required to cover the primer completely.

Step 4: Allow the Glitter Blast to Dry for 24 Hours and Remove the Tape

Step 5: Enjoy Your Beautiful New Candlesticks!!

These festive candlesticks can be used for any special occasion and they make great gifts.

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