Introduction: Glitter Jar

This is a FUN project anybody can do to spice up a jar.

Step 1: Material

-Glass Jar

-Glue (I use Modge Pod because that's the only thing I have)


-Measuring tape/ ruler

-Hot Glue Gun

-Paint brush





Step 2: Measure the Dimension of Your Jar

Use the measuring tape to measure the dimension of the jar.

Step 3: Transfer Jar's Dimension Onto a Piece of Paper.

Next, you need to measure out the jar's dimension onto a piece of paper and cut it to size.

Step 4: Draw Your Design.

Draw your design that you want to be cleared of glitter on the piece of paper. I shaded in the parts where the hot glue will be so it's easier on myself.

Step 5: Put the Paper Inside the Jar.

I taped the ends of the paper to each other and put it in the jar. At first, it was a little too big for the jar, so I slowly trim the paper until it fits nicely in the jar.

Step 6: Pipe Hot Glue Onto the Jar.

Pipe hot glue on the jar as best as you can. You can choose to skip this step if you don't want a design on your jar.

Step 7: Apply Glue Onto the Jar.

Apply glue all over the jar using a paint brush, or where you want the glitter to be.

*Note: If you don't have a paintbrush, just use your finger :D

Step 8: Glitter It Up!!

Put glitter onto the parts where it have glue. Then, tap off the excess onto a piece of paper.

Step 9: Remove the Hot Glue.

Once the glue dries, you can go ahead and remove the harden hot glue. Mine didn't look like my pencil drawing because my hot gluing skills are horrible, but yours might be better!!!

At this point you're basically done!! So go and have fun glittering your jar!!!

Optional: You can apply another layer of glue onto the glitter to make it sticks better to the jar and not come off on your hand when you grab it.

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