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Introduction: Glitter Lace W/ Angelina Film

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Glitter is grand!

Unique textures are most defiantly important in many artistic projects, Resin, Cardmaking, scrapbooking, mixed media, polymer clay, etc. Angelina film has weaved and sparkled its way into many of these works. But what else could we create?

Fusible glitter and lace texture sheets.

Having some control over color and grind really helps. This fusible Angelina film is the key. The tiny flakes can be heated creating one of a kind sheets of texture.

So come on let's slip into something creatively lacy.

Step 1: Supplies

Heat safe work surface

Clothes Iron

Spice Grinder

Fusible Angelina film

Small Condiment containers

Heat safe pressing sheet ( fabric)



Pin tool

Step 2: The Grind Angelina Glitter

Choose your Colors. Cut small 6"x 4" long piece.

HINT: Use a fabric dryer sheet to wipe inside grinder to help with static. Crinkle up and cut off pieces in the Spice Grinder.( make sure to use grinder safely). Pulse 2 times then grind longer to get a fish food constancy.

Put in storage containers.

Step 3: Making the Lace Sheet.

Layout the pressing fabric. Apply Angelina glitter onto fabric to get your base desired look. If you sprinkle different colors you get unique layer looks. The object is to get the glitter flakes to touch but still leave an empty space. This is what gives the glitter its lacy appearance. Because this film fuses to itself you can always add more if needed Solid sheets of Angelina can be added as well to make solid panels.

Step 4: Altering the Lace

I like to color the back of my lace with paint. This is just another layer to create more depth.

Simply place the face you like down and then paint the back. Dry completely. The Angelina Glitter lace is now ready to be added to any of your creative projects.

I used it for a personalized card. One piece was coated with UV resin and then the other was run through a sticker machine and applied to the card. The dimensional resin piece was stuck on with a glue dot so my friend could use for her own project.

Hope you Enjoy! The Juliart

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