Glitter Rockets!

Introduction: Glitter Rockets!

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Ever feel like it's been too long since your last glitter shower? And maybe you have that feeling that you're starting to wreak of non-bedazzle? Glitter rockets have you covered! It's a particle party from the sky!

This is a cross between stomp rickets and a glitter storm, because sometimes science needs to take a break, and you do, too.

Let's get glittering!

  • Why: Get out
  • Time: ~ 15 minutes
  • Cost: ~ $0.25 (all recycled materials except glitter)
  • Concept: joy, air pressure
  • Materials:
    • Glitter!
    • Inner Tubes (can get from bike shop)
    • 1/2" PVC (around 8-12" length)
    • 2-liter bottle
    • Glitter!
    • Duct Tape
    • 8.5" x 11" Paper
    • Scotch tape
  • Tools:
    • Scissors
    • Your Foot!

Can you feel the happy calling your name? It's time to celebrate!

Step 1: Make a Launcher

Cut the bike valve out of your tube by cutting on both sides. Attach one end to your bottle and the other to the PVC by stretching it over. A little duct tape will keep it nice and secure on both ends! You should now have a 2 liter bottle connected to your PVC by a bike inner tube.

If you went down to the local bike shop to pick up some free inner tubes (which we do a lot), check the inner tube for any obvious holes. Small ones won't matter, but if there's a big blowout, patch it up with some duct tape so your rocket gets all the air pressure it deserves.

Step 2: Form a Paper Rocket

Roll a rectangular piece of paper around the PVC pipe. Use scotch tape to tape 3/4 of the way up the tube, while leaving the end open. Tuck one part of the tube into the other creating a bit of a dip, and tape that all up so it has an air-tight seal. You should now have something that looks like an ice cream scoop.

Now cut a small rectangle of paper, and tape it around the dip which will act as a glitter guard. You should now have something that looks like a cylinder with a small pocket for a glitter reservoir in the top. Eep!

Step 3: Launch That Glitter!

Load up some glitter, and why not throw a little in the tube for good measure? If you spill a little, that's kind of the point anyways, right?

Hold it upright away from people's eyes, and give the 2 liter bottle a stomp. Feel the joy rain down.

And when you want more glitter, just blow up the bottle through your tube and go for it again. It's the gift that doesn't stop giving, even if you want it, too.

Have fun!

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    7 years ago

    This will put glitter all over a room and you won't ever clean it all up. I like it.